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YiDa photovaltaic Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the design, installation, operation and maintenance of photovoltaic power generation, wind power generation and the integration of the whole computer room. It is also capable of undertaking turn-key projects integrating wind and solar power station systems and integrated computer room systems.

With the rapid development of computer network technology and communication technology, wireless network,wireless monitoring has been more and more widely used. Due to the small load of these systems and their location away from the grid, the cost of extending mains is huge, while using solar power or wind power for systems to provide power is the surest and most promising new technology among all renewables. Since 2001,YiDa has won remarkable achievements in domestic renewable energy power generation market with rich practical experience, profound technical background, advanced equipment and excellent after-sales service. YiDa has a wide range of products and services used in household photovoltaic power system , unattended microwave relay station, cable maintenance station power system, oil pipeline cathodic protection power system, highway video surveillance system, forest fire communication monitoring and microwave relay station system, repeater Power system, solar power system for hydrological and hydrological monitoring, field weather and seismic stations and other fields.

In terms of grid-connected power generation, YiDa closely followed the national pace and implemented national policies, achieving remarkable results in such areas as precision poverty alleviation, industrial and commercial roofing and family distribution. YiDa has successfully developed 72MW precision power plant, industrial and commercial installed capacity of 300MW, more than 1,200 households distributed throughout the country's 31 provinces and cities.

Based on the excellent performance in the market of new energy and overall engine room,YiDa gets more and more new&old customers' strong support, YiDa will be more proactive to new and old customers at home and abroad, through technological innovation to continuously develop new Technology and products to high-quality products and high-quality services to establish our corporate culture.

YiDa photovaltaic Co., Ltd.
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